Class of 1963, Jamesville-DeWitt High School, DeWitt, NY
Nancy Adcook Bigsby--lives in Vail, CO--family info
Charleen Allen Smyth--residing in Syracuse, NY
Jeffery B. Anderson--living in Paradise Valley, AZ
Susan Armacost Larson--County tax assessor living in Valparaiso, IN--family info
Larry Bailey--died on 4-17-1997
Warren Baker--real estate salesman, living in Jacksonville, FL
Marilyn Barstow Murray--residing in Downingtown, PA
Bonnie Barton
Christine Batley Torzon
Martha Beasley Jackson--wed Dick Jackson and lives in Constantia, NY
Patricia Bellinger Rouse--physical therapist, lives now in Kihei, HI
Don Bex--lives in Jamesville, NY
Justina Bowen Bielecki--tax collector in Victor and lives in Hemlock, NY
Charles Braxton--lives in Meredith, NH--family info
Carolyn Brooks Johnson--living in Colchester, VT
Barry Brownstein--lives in Woodland Hills, CA and teaches elem. school in Malibu
Larry Brown--residing in New Canaan, CT
Paul Bunn--physician and cancer researcher, wed Camille Ruoff (J-D '64) lives in Evergreen, CO--family info--web site
David Burns--active in family-owned supply business, lives in Cazenovia, NY--family info
Richard Burns--living in Washington, DC
Diane Burlingame Casale--formerly operated a real estate business, resides in Manlius, NY
Susan Burrows--lives in Manlius, NY--family info
Stephen K. Carmichael--died on 8-17-2000
William L. Cassidy--lives in MD, retired from the CIA and is now a teacher
Phil Cerio--living in Kennesaw, GA
Thomas Charleton--married Char Seleen and lives in Montclair, NJ
Cynthia Chiarulli Spencer--lives in NYC, NY--family info
David Copp--retired information technology supervisor for the US Dept. of the Interior, resides in Marion, SC
Victoria Crear Alexander--lives in Spencerport, NY--family info
Cheryl Cushing Gadziala--living in Fruitland, FL
Chip Darin--lives in Jamesville, NY
Stuart DeWitt--living in Fairfax, VA
MaryJane Dixon Connors--resides in Liverpool, NY
Kathy Dodge Downing--lives in Grand Rapids, MN, and is executive director of the Itasca Orchestra--family info
William Flynn--electrician, lives in Jamesville, NY
Kathleen French--retired from Oswego County Social Services, lives in Pulaski, NY--family info
Carol Ganley Gage--living in Yardley, PA
Richard Garelick--marketing manager for an underwriting firm, residing in Hollywood, FL
Samuel Garofalo--lives in Syracuse, NY
Valerie Geary-Roehm--residing in Canastota, NY--family info
Walter "Chip" Giemza--lived in DeWitt, NY, and operated the Southwood Superette at his death on 6-6-2008
Dorothy Jean Glancy--law professor at Santa Clara University in San Francisco, CA
Alan Gorrell--physician and pastor living in Bristol, TN
Carol Goss Case--lives in Las Vegas NV
Ronald Graham--retired teacher, lives in S. Otselic, NY
Carolyn Greenwood Buck--lives in Tully, NY
Bernie Grunder--retired millwright, lives now in Franklin, NC--family info
Dennis M. Guyon--served in the Army
Joan Carol Hadley Brewer--died on 3-3-1994
Helen Hafer Plude-retired from Bell Atlantic, moved from MA to Idaho Falls, ID, and recently wed--family info
Phillip Halleck--professor at Penn State University, lives in Port Matilda, PA
Flossie Harp Joly--wed Ron Joly and lives in Canastota, NY
David J. Harris
Peter Hawley--physician and AIDS researcher in San Diego, CA--family info
Mary Heusel Horlick--assists in husband's law practice, active in civic affairs in Venice, FL
Karen Hodan Mainous--legal secretary, living in Pell City, AL
Allen Hoffman--lives in Parish, NY
Gail Holmes Zelina--lived in Westlake, OH before her death on 7-29-2005--family info
Polly Homer Piggins--residing in San Jose, CA--family info
Deanna Hopkins Hyde--living in Hollywood, FL
James Hummel--lives in Jamesville, NY, flies part-time in the Congo
David Hutton--VP/controller of manufacturing firm, residing in Cazenovia, NY--family info
Judy Irwin Gilliland--lives in Spring Grove, IL
Richard Jackson--married Martha Beasley and resides in Constantia, NY--family info
Rita Johnson Grover--died in March, 1994
Ronald Joly--retired engineering supervisor with So. Cal. Edison, lives in Canastota, NY--family info
Chieko Kawahito Fujii--lives in Tokyo, Japan
John Keeler--lives in Jamesville, NY
Robert Kemmerer--lives in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Henry Killion--retired chemist, resides now in Rotonda West, FL--family info
Peggy Knapp Cook--living in Syracuse, NY
Eric Larson--President of Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, WI--family info
Martha Lawler Grevelding--lives in Jamesville, NY--family info
Marcia Lawrence--living in DeWitt, NY--family info
Charleen Lemke Sanderson--lives in Englewood, FL
Magnus Leopold--industrial hygienist, lives in San Diego, CA
Eileen Lev Gower--program mgr. for the US Dept. of State, lives in Fairfax Station, VA
Kathleen Ann Little Hashemi--lives in Springfield, VA
Thomas Long--living in Arlington, VA
Carson Loomis--research scientist for Norak Biosciences in Durham, NC--family info
Gary MacLachlan--lives in DeWitt, NY where he is Fire Chief
William "Bill" Mader, Jr.--retired USAF and lives in Rio Rancho, NM--family info
Sharon Marsh Valles--resides in Marietta, NY
Bob Massey--lives in Dublin, OH, former CEO of Compuserve, now Chairman of Call Tech--family info
Francis "Chris" Mathison--electronics technician, lives in Central Square, NY
Charles Matuszak--physician, living in Boynton Beach, FL
Dennis McDonald--wed Terry Stragar, lives in Fayetteville, NY
James R. McElroy--reitred from IBM after a career in software development--lives in Wappingers Falls, NY--family info
Richard McGee--lives in Cazenovia, NY
MaryGail Meehan McNeill--ret.'d from Syracuse Research Corp., lives on Wellesley Island, NY
Janice Meldola Scarborough--lives in Los Angeles, CA
Fay Meling--residing in Skaneateles, NY
Joyce Merriam Cooper
Karen Middleton Milligan--resided in Baldwinsville prior to her death in an auto accident on 4-4-1990
Lynn Morey Hess--pediatric nurse-practitioner in Buffalo, resides in Orchard Park, NY
Robert Morgan--living in Aurora, OH
Robert Moyer--residing in Dorchester, MA--formerly in management with Amtrak in Boston
Cheryl T. Mulle--residing in Liverpool, NY
Malcolm Myers--living in Jamesville, NY
William Nealon--attorney living in Glens Falls, NY--family info
Russell Nemeti--lives in Cazenovia, NY, operates an auto repair shop
Janis Nolan Krueger--lives in Clarksville, TN
Terry O'Brien--was a court official living in Syracuse at his death on 3-19-1991--family info
Barbara Olsen--lives in Antwerp, OH--family info
Brian O'Neil--lives in Potsdam, NY and is a professor at Clarkson--family info
Keith Osborne--educational administrator in Auburn, lives in Camillus, NY
Elizabeth "Betsy" Palin Hansen--lives in Ballston Spa, NY
George Paul--lives in Clay, NY--family info
Laurie Pellenz Branson--lives in Marcellus, NY--family info
Ellen Perry Griffin--residing in Manlius, NY, works in husband's medical office
Lorraine Peter Droste--lived in Plainville, MA at her death on 10-25-2005
Richard Picquet--lives in Altamonte Springs, FL
Roberta Pierce Jones--lives in Windermere, FL
Mark A. Potter--believed to be an attorney living in La Jolla, CA
Mary Jo Previtire Healy
Sandy Priolette Hoke--living in Alpharetta, GA
Mary Lou Purcell Storrs--medical professor, lived in Manlius, NY before her death on 2-7-2004
Pamela Reisman Monaco--lives in Fayetteville, NY, retired administrator for F-M schools
Paul Reubens--retired from USN as Master Chief Petty Officer, lives in Virginia Beach, VA
George "Spinner" Richardson--living in Charlotte, VT
Charles Richmond--lives in Indianapolis, IN--family info
Patricia Ruzekowski Burden--lives in Jamesville, NY
Gerald "Gerry" Schad--resided in Jamesville, NY before his death on 6-17-2005
Cynthia Schanck Oxboel--lives in Bedford Hills, NY
Edward Schmidt--lives in Vestal, NY
Fred "Fritz" Schultz--lives in Las Vegas, NV--family info
Gretchen Schultz Hutton--lives in Niceville, FL and teaches American Sign Language--family info
Hawley Scott--living in Fayetteville, NY
Gretchen Sehnert Dann--lives in Jamesville, NY--family info
Char Seleen Charleton--wed Tom Charleton, school adm. living in Montclair, NJ
Tim Shean--business owner living in Rochester, NH--family info
Chesleigh "Chet" Snow-author and psychic researcher in Sedona, AZ--family info
Skip Snyder--lives in Sebring, FL
Shelley Spector Little--lives in DeWitt, NY
Thomas Spofford--living in Milton, MA
Chip Stepneski--lives in West Monroe, NY
Howard R. Stillwell, Jr--lives Navarre, FL, manager for the USPS
Sandy Stone Bugge-a science teacher living on Staten Island, NY before her death on 3-3-1990--family info
Donna Stoner Cady--lives in Syracuse, NY, Dir. of Volunteer Services for Crouse Hospital
Cliff Straehley III--psychiatrist living in Fair Oaks, CA
Terry Stragar McDonald--wed Denny McDonald, social worker for the County Health Dept., lives in Fayetteville, NY
Richard Stratton--physician, recently moved from AK to Gilbert, AZ--family info
Peter Sutton--lives in Crofton, MD--family info
Mary Templeton Lichlyter--graduated from Miami Univ. (Ohio), and lives in Colorado Springs, CO
Sharon Tetley Eassa--living in Syracuse, NY
Donna Thomas Neuhauser--teaches at Pebble Hill, lives in Manlius, NY--family info
Ernest Truax--recently retired as exec. VP for manufacturing firm, lives in Danville, IL--family info
Richard Vail
William Vanoss--living in Clarkston, MI--family info
Barbara "Babs" Walton Cluse--wed Bob Cluse (J-D '61) and lives in Cazenovia, NY--family info
Robert Waters--operates a bail bond business and lives in DeWitt, NY--family info
Maryette "Mary Lou" Weatherly--graphic artist in Sarasota, FL
Robert Welter--living in Spruce Creek, FL--family info
Art Wilbur--lives in West Monroe, NY
Ellie Wilder Smith--died in December, 1993
Randy Williams--retired park superintendant, lives in Fayetteville, NY
Judy Wright Loder--lives in Grand Island, NY
Susan Wright Larson--music teacher, living in Manlius, NY
Robert "Chip" Young--owns insurance agency, lives in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Michael Zahm--died in a car accident in PA on 6-30-1971
David Zembryski--lived in Essex Junction, VT before retiring to FL

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